April 14, 2006
No settlement payments have been distributed to date and there have been no significant changes in the status of the case. Currently there is an appeal pending in the California Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has until May 24, 2006 to determine whether they want to grant review. Settlement benefits cannot be distributed until all appeals in the case have been resolved. If review is not granted and no appeal is taken, we expect that the settlement benefits will be distributed by mid to late 2006. Please continue to check back as we will be providing updates as they become available.

July 22, 2005
Settlement Recovery Center has taken down the MyMSClaim claim preparation site for business reasons. SRC is continuing operations in our business-to-business division, and will continue to help our MyMSClaim customers with questions and issues that they may have. If you have filed a claim through MyMSClaim, your claim is currently with the claims administrator. Your claim settlements will be sent out when the final settlement certification takes place.

As of this writing, the deadline for submitting California claims has passed, and the claims administrator is currently processing claims.

For MyMSClaim customers, this means that the earliest possible date that settlement claims will be sent out is the fall of 2005. Settlement Recovery Center continues to monitor the progress of the claims administrator, and will updated this site as more information becomes available. Further updates as to the status of your individual claim can be handled by the claims administrator. They can be reached online at http://www.microsoftcalsettlement.com or 1-800-960-5660.

If you have any questions about MyMSClaim, please send email to support@settlementrecovery.com.